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Is it Smart for Bobcats to Sign Al Jefferson?

The Charlotte Bobcats have been disgustingly dreadful during the entirety of their existence.  Every NBA fan understands this fact.

However, while this may come as a surprise, the current roster does in fact consist of some talented young pieces.  Point guard Kemba Walker holds the potential to become a consistent, effective playmaker, power forward Bismack Biyombo will most likely develop into a top 5 shot blocker, and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist is athletic and possesses a well-rounded game.  Also, the franchise just drafted the best Zeller brother in center Cody Zeller, and will boast an efficient scorer in Gerald Henderson if they can retain him in free agency this offseason.

If these young assets develop as expected, there indeed is light at the end of the tunnel for this organization.

Now, when considering these players along with the fact Charlotte may have a chance to gain a top pick in the stacked 2014 draft, does it really make sense for the Cats' to pursue unrestricted free agent center Al Jefferson this summer?

No.  Not at all.  It would honestly be in the club's best interest to just walk away from a potential deal with the big fella while they can.

Here are two reasons why Jefferson should never rock the light blue/orange combo:

1) While his addition to the roster would undoubtedly improve the squad, it will only lift the franchise up to mediocracy.  What does this mean?  Well, the Cats' 13-14 campaign would most likely end with the organization finishing 9th in the Eastern Conference Standings.  As a result, Charlotte would not only miss the playoffs, but they would be placed 14th in line to draft come June 2014.

In my opinion, this situation is just as nightmarish as enduring a losing season.

If Jefferson does not join the roster, however, the Bobcats will most likely win just north of 20 games, placing them in a prime position to select a potential superstar in someone like Andrew Wiggins or Jabari Parker.  Give the team 2-3 more years to develop and improve, and I guarantee they will possess the firepower necessary to compete in the playoffs.

2) The big man is asking for a 4 year, $60+ mil deal, which is definitely more than he deserves.  Offensively, Al Jefferson is an efficient scorer and rebounder (17.8 ppg and 9.2 rpg in 12-13), but defensively, the fact he is 6'10 as a center does not necessarily play to his favor.  Also, Jefferson is incapable of completely turning a franchise around, so paying him $15+ mil a year is just not the smartest decision.

Hopefully, the Bobcats realize they can potentially achieve consistent success if they just stick it out for one more season.  Although the franchise is currently in the midst of a huge rebuilding project, the offseason of 2014 as well as continued player development should play a significant role in leading Charlotte to a bright future.