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Chicago Bulls Interested in Trading Luol Deng

It seems the Chicago Bulls are interested in exploring possible deals for 2-time All-Star Luol Deng.

Apparently, Washington possesses what Chicago desires.

Via Marc Stein of ESPN:

"The Chicago Bulls and Washington Wizards have held discussions on a trade of Luol Deng for the No. 3 overall pick."

This potential trade possesses the ability to positively benefit both sides.  In the case of the Wizards, the ball club would receive an all-star caliber small forward who can score, rebound, and effectively contain the league's best ball players.  As far as the Bulls go, they could use the #3 pick to draft small forward Otto Porter, a lengthy athlete out of Georgetown who can lock down opponents defensively as well as create opportunities for himself offensively.  Stein also reported Chicago would have to obtain center Emeka Okafor as well, a player who serves perfectly as Joakim Noah's backup.

However, while this deal holds potential, the biggest question in this report has yet to be addressed:

Why trade Luol Deng?

In my opinion, the answer is simple:  the 9 year veteran absolutely refuses to undergo surgery on the torn ligament in his left wrist which he suffered during the lockout-shortened 11-12 NBA season.  Due to his unwillingness to fix this injury, Deng's efficiency has taken a significant hit over the course of these past two years.

After tearing the ligament in January of 2012 and deciding to play through the pain, the small forward endured a season in which he shot a career-low 41.2% from the field.  The following offseason, instead of using the time to repair the injury, Deng chose to represent Great Britain in the 2012 Olympics.  While this decision is understandable, the fact his wrist received no rest certainly did not help the healing process.  As a result, while Deng's percentage slightly increased, it was still rather poor (42.6% from field, 32.2% from three).  Now, heading into the summer of 2013, the all-star is once again opting out of surgery, as he has decided to use his time off to just rest the injury.

Obviously, it is still unclear whether or not this particular boo-boo is the driving force behind Chicago's desire to explore his trade value, as there are most likely numerous different factors which play into the organization's thought process.  Also, since Deng has not been given a chance to actually rest his wrist until now, it is tough to determine which option would heal his wrist properly.  This is just my personal opinion on the situation, and it will be intriguing to observe what events occur in the days leading up to the NBA Draft.