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Doc Rivers/Kevin Garnett to Clippers Will Not Occur

Recently, numerous reports have surfaced stating the Los Angeles Clippers and Boston Celtics were close to pulling off a big-time transaction.  In this potential deal, the Clips would obtain Kevin Garnett as well as head coach Doc Rivers from Boston, while the C's would acquire DeAndre Jordan, picks, and possibly another asset.  Talks were progressing, and it seemed likely Rivers was on his way to working as the next sideline leader for this stacked Clippers squad.

However, it seems LA has backed out of these discussions and is no longer interested in pulling the trigger on a deal with Boston.  Via Broderick Turner of the Los Angeles Times:

"The Los Angeles Clippers have called off trade talks with the Boston Celtics on a deal involving Doc Rivers and Kevin Garnett.

The Celtics were seeking DeAndre Jordan and two future first round picks in exchange for the right to hire Rivers as head coach and Garnett."

In my opinion, the Clippers made the right decision to back out of this trade.  While Doc Rivers serves as the perfect candidate to lead LA's talented roster, it makes no sense to give away a young, effective player in DeAndre Jordan for an athlete who is at the tail end of his career.  Sure, Garnett is destined for the Hall of Fame, but the fact remains the power forward is 37 years old.  The squad the Clips currently boast already possesses a solid mixture of intelligent veterans and athletic youth, and there is absolutely no need to rid themselves of one, potentially two players (the Celtics were inquiring about Eric Bledsoe as well) who are starting-quality ballers as well as under the age of 25.

As far as Los Angeles' next head coach is concerned, there is currently a surplus of candidates available.  The Clippers should have no problem signing a head coach capable of leading this championship-caliber roster to it's full potential.