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Cleveland Cavaliers to Trade Dion Waiters?

Recently, the newly-acquired Luol Deng made these comments regarding his thoughts on the Cleveland Cavaliers (via Mitch Lawrence of the New York Daily News):

"The stuff going on in practice would never be tolerated by the coaching staff or the front office back in Chicago.  It's a mess."

According to Lawrence, this "stuff" the small forward refers to includes players getting thrown out of practice, mouthing off to head coach Mike Brown, and threatening to not play in ball games – just to name a few.

While many of the athletes on this current Cleveland roster can certainly label themselves as guilty of these accusations, one baller who stands out in particular is second-year two guard Dion Waiters. Whether through his confrontation with Kyrie Irving and Tristan Thompson early in the year, or the fact he has misbehaved to the point that he was recently kicked out of practice, the Syracuse product has proven time and time again he is completely incapable of handling himself professionally.

As a result, with the trade deadline fast approaching and the Cavs looking to shake things up, the ball club is interested in potentially shipping Waiters off to another ball club.  Via Jason Lloyd of the Akron Beacon Journal:

"Two sources close to the team confirmed that barring a significant turnaround before the trade deadline, this roster will likely face some upheaval.  That very well could include Waiters, whose act has worn thin on his teammates and various members of the organization."

It is apparent Waiters' behavior has had an extremely negative impact on the entire Cleveland organization, as the ball club is struggling to succeed in games due to the players' inability to mesh both on and off the court.  While he may be immature, Dion is undeniably one of the most talented athletes on this roster, and when a top player on a team consistently acts erratically, the unit as a whole tends to suffer the unfortunate consequences.  Therefore, the Cavaliers' thought process behind trading Waiters away makes sense:  Dion's attitude is a virus negatively infecting the franchise, and the franchise wants to simply remove said virus.

As far as other teams possessing the willingness to actually accept this virus is concerned, there are likely a plethora of ball clubs which are prepared to give Waiters a chance.  If Deng's recent comments serve as any sort of indicator, it is clear the Cavs are one of the worst-disciplined squads in the league.  Dion is a rising young prospect with a ton of offensive potential, and if he is placed in a situation where he is properly disciplined and given the chance to grow as a person, he is more than capable of thriving in the NBA.  Multiple organizations possess the ability to give Waiters this chance, and if Cleveland can find the right deal, they can undoubtedly exchange the talented shooting guard for whatever they desire in return.

Throughout the course of this season, Waiters has been connected to trade rumors involving the Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Lakers, and Phoenix Suns – to name a few.  It will be interesting to see if the Cavs are able to ship him off to any of these teams before the trade deadline is reached.  At this point, anything can happen.