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NBA Trade Rumor Wrap-Up: Greg Monroe, Jeff Green Both on the Move?

With the NBA trade deadline less than a month away (February 20th, to be exact), numerous rumors regarding potential deals have emerged around the association.  Much like high school students with their studies, ball clubs possess a tendency to procrastinate:  if they're interested in shaking up their roster, they usually wait until the very last minute to do so.  As a result, multiple trades occur during the weeks leading up to the deadline, and, to no one's surprise, an even greater amount of rumors pop up and make their way across the inter-web.

Without further ado, let us explore the most recent rumors dealing with the specific trade interests of specific organizations:

The Washington Wizards Want Greg Monroe

Recently, the Wizards expressed a desire to acquire fourth-year center Greg Monroe from the frontcourt of the Detroit Pistons.  For Washington, Monroe is unquestionably the most sensible player to pursue, as he would fit in with the current roster perfectly.

There are three reasons as to why this is the case:

1)  He's young.  At the age of 23, the man known as "Moose" is similar in age to both Bradley Beal (20) and John Wall (23).  Place Monroe alongside these up-and-coming athletes, and the Wizards would possess a core capable of wrecking havoc on the league for a majority – if not all – of the next decade.

2)  He's good.  In the midst of Detroit's crowded frontcourt which also boasts talents like Andre Drummond and Josh Smith, Monroe is currently posting averages of 14.2 PTS and 8.7 REBS.  Not too many centers can produce at this rate on their own, let alone while playing alongside the likes of Drummond (12.7 PTS, 12.6 REBS) and J-Smoove (15.7 PTS, 6.9 REBS).  If given complete command of the inside –which would undoubtedly be the case in Washington– not only would Greg's numbers improve, but the Wizards' squad as a whole would improve.

3)  The contracts of both Trevor Ariza ($7.7 M)  and Marcin Gortat ($7.7 M) expire after this season.  With Monroe due to enter restricted free agency once the current campaign concludes, the expiration of both Ariza's and Gortat's deals would allow Washington to sign the center to the max contract he deserves.

Since Monroe's restricted free agency is fast approaching and the Pistons do possess Drummond as well as Smith, Detroit is indeed open to the idea of making an exchange involving the big man. However, at this point, it is unclear as to whether or not the ball club is willing to make a deal with the Wizards. The Pistons are in desperate need of a solid wing player, and unfortunately for Washington, unless they decide to give up Beal (spoiler alert: they won't), the athletes they have to offer will likely serve as unsatisfactory options.  Rookie small forward Otto Porter Jr. might be capable of sparking Detroit's interest, but due to the slow start the 20 year old has experienced thus far in his rookie season, his value has decreased significantly since being selected 3rd overall.

To sum it up, Greg Monroe's move to the Wizards is a definite possibility.  Should Washington fail to produce a package worthy of catching the Detroit management's eyes however, it's likely the squad will simply end up pursuing the big fella come free agency.

Boston Celtics Determined to Trade Jeff Green

Currently, the Boston Celtics are undergoing a rebuild. While many are under the impression the franchise is looking to move Rajon Rondo, the reality is quite the opposite:  Boston is quite keen to keep Rondo in green for the long haul.  Rather than giving up their superstar, the club is instead intrigued by the prospect of trading forward Jeff Green.

Obviously, this makes a lot more sense:  it is better to give up a non-star player with market value than lose one of the best point guards in the game.

The question is, which athlete would the Celtics target in return for Green's talents?

One possibility:  Houston Rockets center Omer Asik.

An Asik-Green swap would work out perfectly for both sides, as Asik would serve as a solid defensive presence for Boston and Green as a reliable stretch four for Houston.  Of course, this possibility is only one of what will probably turn out to be a plethora, as multiple clubs will likely compete for the chance to receive a baller of Green's caliber (15.7 PTS, 5.0 REBS thus far in 2013/14).

It will be interesting to see who the Celtics end up receiving in return for Jeff Green.  The team is determined to shake up their roster, and with the offensive potential the forward possesses, odds are a deal involving the 27 year old gets done before the deadline.

Other Trade Rumors:

What do you readers think about these rumors?  Will any of these trade scenarios actually come to fruition, or will all these clubs fail to achieve what they desire?  Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.