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NBA Rumors: Andre Iguodala to the Pistons?

Crazy headline, am I right?

Just imagine it: Andre Iguodala signing with the Detroit Pistons in free agency.  

Is this even a possibility NBA fans should consider?  I mean, who in their right mind would opt out of a $16 mil deal with a talented Denver squad (57-25 record in 12-13) and sign a contract with a lowly Detroit franchise (29-53 record in 12-13)?

Let us explore this potential situation for a moment by answering two obvious questions:

1) Why is Andre Iguodala opting out of his final year with Denver in the first place?

Well, outside of Chris Paul and the diva known as Dwight Howard, Iguodala will be the most sought after free agent on the market.  His athleticism and versatility will be in high demand this summer, which in turn means the small forward has a greater chance of landing himself max-player type cash. In the end, money was the key factor, and the reality is Andre will earn a greater profit by signing a long-term contract in 2013 than if he waited to join the loaded free agent class of 2014.

2)  Why is Detroit an option?

The Pistons serve as a potential suitor for two reasons:

- They possess the cap room necessary to sign a player of Iguodala's stature.  Heading into this offseason, Detroit has roughly $25 mil to spend, and if they end up amnestying Charlie Villanueva's horrendous $8.5 mil, they'll have even more room to utilize.

- Andre serves as the perfect fit for the Pistons' current roster.  Currently, Detroit boasts a very formidable duo of bigs down low in Greg Monroe and Andre Drummond, and usually a pairing like this is complemented effectively by a wing player capable of stretching the floor as well as attacking the basket.  Iguodala fits this mold perfectly, and his addition would perform absolute wonders for this ball club.

Well, well, well.  It is evident Andre Iguodala to Detroit is not as wild of an idea as originally thought.

However, the most significant question still needs to be answered:

Will it actually occur?

In my opinion, I do not see the Pistons coughing up the cash necessary to gain Iguodala's complete interest.  This organization has a history of overpaying free agents (Ben Gordon, anyone?), and it is likely the franchise has set limits in regards to how much cash they are willing to fork over.

Of course, this is just my opinion, and it remains to be seen whether or not the Pistons will try their luck with Iguodala.  At this point, the only certainty with Detroit is that the club has money to blow and will be very active this offseason.